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Lidl would like to open a new neighbourhood foodstore in Bishop’s Stortford, on the Gates of Stortford site, at Stansted Road, CM23 2BT. This will be the first Lidl store within East Hertfordshire District, and will provide new and improved shopping facilities for the area, widening local consumer choice.

The new foodstore will be of high quality design, and will complement the adjacent commercial uses on Stansted Road, providing an accessible neighbourhood store for residents and employees to the north of the town.

The scheme will deliver new investment in the Stansted Road area, and will create up to 40 new jobs for local residents.

Latest news

Lidl’s planning application has now been submitted to East Hertfordshire District Council (application reference: 3/21/1756/FUL) and we would like to know what the community thinks of our plans.

You can view the planning application in full on the Council’s website here.

From here you will be able to make comments on the planning application. If you would like to see the project go ahead, it is important that you make your views known. We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to register your support in the following ways:

Online via the Council’s planning portal here.

Alternatively you can complete a feedback form here.

This website provides details of the planning application which has been submitted to East Hertfordshire District Council. If you have any questions about the proposals, please email or call 0800 089 0361. To ‘Have Your Say’ on the proposals, please click here. 

What’s proposed?

  • Lidl is proposing to replace the existing buildings with a new bespoke foodstore in Bishop’s Stortford, with a 1,414 sq.m sales area
  • The foodstore will create up to 40 new local jobs
  • 147 customer parking spaces, include 10 disabled and 10 parent and child; along with cycle and motorcycle parking
  • Two Electric Vehicle charging spaces
  • Latest specification in-store facilities, including Lidl’s popular bakery, longer style tills with dual packing and customer toilets

What’s the store replacing?

The site is currently occupied by the Gates of Stortford car dealership.  Due to evolving changes in the motor industry, Gates is consolidating its business, and refocusing its operations on its larger, more strategic dealerships.  All staff currently employed on the site will be relocated within the Gates business.

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Lidl Store Bishop's Stortford Site Plan

The Site

Lidl is proposing to build a high-quality, modern and fit for purpose foodstore.  Key features of the new store are:

  • The proposal will deliver the first Lidl store in Bishop’s Stortford and East Hertfordshire
  • The unit has a GIA of 2,277 sqm and will have a sales area of 1,414 sqm
  • The customer entrance will be well connected to Stansted Road via footways to ensure ease of access for pedestrians
  • 147 of our largest format (5.2m x 2.7m) parking spaces will be provided. This includes 10 disabled spaces, 10 parent & child spaces and two Electric Vehicle charging spaces. Secure cycle parking will also be offered near the store entrance
  • The new Lidl would offer the latest in-store facilities, including Lidl’s popular bakery, longer-style tills with dual packing and customer toilets
  • Generous new landscaping and planting will improve the look of the site and benefit biodiversity
A new, modern Lidl store on this site will provide a spacious and attractive shopping environment, which will improve local customer choice helping people to meet their shopping needs in the local area. The store will offer all your favourite high-quality products at Lidl’s low prices.


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Our planning application includes a detailed Transport Assessment, which will be reviewed by Hertfordshire County Council Highways Team. The Transport Assessment takes into consideration issues such as Lidl’s expected busiest periods.

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The site is well-located, easily accessible to the local community and is well connected to the wider local footpath network.

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Secure cycle parking for staff and customers is proposed at the front of the store, in a well-monitored location. The site is well-connected to the local cycle network, which will enable cycling as a substitute for short car trips.

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Bus services

The site is well-located for the bus network, close to existing bus stops on Stansted Road.

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About Lidl


Everyone knows we’re Lidl on price. So, it’s time to tell you what we’re Big on.

We’re Big on Quality. Big on the big shop. Big on all the things that matter. Big on the things that make cupboards and bellies and life feel fuller. Big on detergent that gets your socks white and cheese that knocks them off. Big on carrots that crunch and chillies with bite. Big on cuisine from far and wide, and meat from local farmers. Big on brands and biscuits and baby stuff and bicycle pumps and butter. We’re Big on everything.

Except of course, on price, because that’s where we’ll always be Lidl.

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Lidl’s operation

Lidl first opened its doors in Great Britain in 1994 and currently has over 25,000 employees, 860 stores and 13 distribution centres in England, Scotland and Wales. Lidl takes pride in providing top quality products at low prices.

The Lidl retail philosophy is focused on simplicity and maximum efficiency at every stage of the business, from supplier to customer, enabling the company to sell high quality own brand and well-known products at low prices.

Red Tractor

Lidl is committed to sourcing high quality fresh meat, poultry, fruit and veg from British farms. We work closely with Red Tractor to ensure that our British meat, poultry, fruit and veg is responsibly sourced to strict food hygiene, animal welfare and environmental standards, with every pack traceable to the farm of origin. This guarantees our customers a fresh, locally sourced, high quality range of meat and poultry at excellent value.


Lidl GB sells over 50 different Fairtrade certified products, from bananas originating from Colombia, tea picked in Kenya and cocoa for our chocolate, grown in Cote d’Ivoire. In addition to the products, we sell all year round, we proudly support specific Fairtrade campaigns such as Fairtrade Fortnight. This is an opportunity to give a voice to farmers and growers throughout the world.

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Working for Lidl

  • The new store is expected to create up to 40 new full and part-time jobs for local people. This is in addition to the temporary jobs created during construction of the store.
  • Lidl GB has long been committed to increasing wages in line with the cost of living, with a combined investment of over £50 million into hourly wages over the past five years. From March 2022, the retailer made its biggest ever investment into colleague wages, making it one of the highest paying supermarkets in the UK. The commitment of £18 million has seen entry-level pay rise from £9.50 to £10.10 per hour outside of London and £10.85 to £11.35 within the M25, with colleagues earning up to £11.40 and £12.25 respectively, depending on length of service. Lidl also do not offer zero hour contracts.
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Middle of Lidl

The new store at Bishop’s Stortford would feature our famous ‘Middle of Lidl’ products. Our ever-changing middle aisle offers customers the opportunity to purchase non-food household items at bargain prices. Click here to see this week’s offers.

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Middle Lidl products
Middle Lidl products
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The proposed store will meet Lidl’s high sustainability standards which are intended to minimise environmental impact over the lifetime of the store.

  • Our delivery vehicles are used to remove waste from the store on their return journey to the nearest Regional Distribution Centre, where the waste/recyclable material is sorted and managed centrally. This also helps to reduce vehicle trips and CO2 emissions
  • Lidl lead the sector in terms of recycling and waste to landfill reduction by recycling all paper/cardboard and plastic waste produced by their stores
  • Store heating and lighting are controlled by a computerised Building Management System (BMS). This minimises energy consumption by adapting to external temperatures and lighting levels
  • The chilled food cabinets incorporate night blinds which trap the chilled air and reduce overnight energy consumption
  • Lidl refrigeration plant has low carbon emissions ratings and operates without the need for chlorofluorocarbons
  • Lidl stores use a manual dock leveller for deliveries, which reduces noise emissions and energy use
  • All lighting in the warehouse and staff welfare areas is controlled with motion sensors ensuring that electricity consumption is minimised
  • When the building is occupied by staff only (with no customers) the lighting system is powered down to only use one out of every three fluorescent tubes
  • Water consumption is carefully monitored, and flow control devices and water meters are fitted in all stores
  • The car park lighting is switched off overnight and is controlled by a Lux sensor during trading hours
  • The store at Bishop’s Stortford will have two Electric Vehicle charging points
Lidl Bakery

Why support us?

How to support us

A planning application for the proposed new Lidl supermarket in Bishop’s Stortford has been submitted to East Hertfordshire District Council, who will make a decision on whether to approve the store proposals.

If you want our project to be successful, it is vitally important that you make your views known so that they can be taken into account when the Council’s Planning Committee decides whether to approve or refuse the application.

If you would like to see the project go ahead, it is important that you make your views known to the Council. We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to register your support in the following ways:

Online via the Council’s planning portal here.

Alternatively you can complete a feedback form here.

As with all developments there will be people who are for and people who are against the development and it is very important that everyone has their say. We would ask those people who have concerns about the proposals to contact us by (clicking here) and completing a feedback form. We will then seek to address these wherever possible.

Key benefits

The store will deliver significant benefits to local communities within Bishop’s Stortford:

Improved local shopping choice:

  • The proposal will deliver the first Lidl foodstore within East Hertfordshire, and will provide a new neighbourhood foodstore for existing and new residents to the north of the town
  • The store will help to meet local shopping needs and reduce the need to travel elsewhere
  • The proposal will provide new and improved shopping facilities for the area at competitive prices and offer exceptional quality and choice to the benefit of local shoppers
  • Lidl stocks a variety of unique product lines which are not available from other supermarkets
  • The site is well located and easily accessible. It connects into an extensive network of pedestrian footways and is accessible using public transport via bus stops on Stansted Road.



  • Creation of 40 full time equivalent jobs for local people
  • Lidl will work with the local authority and other agencies to ensure local people benefit from the new jobs created
  • Lidl’s entry-level wages are aligned with those advocated by the Living Wage Foundation, which is above the level recommended by the Government, with hourly pay starting at £9.50 per hour
  • Lidl does not operate zero hour contracts
  • Lidl is proud of its training programmes which enable staff to progress their careers with the company


Environmental Improvements:

  • The proposal constitutes a significant investment into the Bishop’s Stortford community and provides a new economic use for the Gates of Stortford site
  • The new building will be of a high quality, modern design, and will incorporate an excellent range of energy efficiency and sustainability measures, including solar panels
  • The proposal is accompanied by a comprehensive landscaping scheme,
    which will provide new opportunities for soft landscaping and planting, which will deliver a biodiversity net gain when compared with its existing use
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  •  A sympathetically designed store using high quality materials. A modern building design using high quality materials will add a contemporary dimension to the existing street scene and will enhance the character and appearance of the area
  • New landscaping will be provided surrounding the site to improve the general visual amenity of the site.
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  • The redevelopment will result in the sustainable re-use of a brownfield site
  • Sustainable construction techniques will be employed as well as the use of sustainable materials where possible
  • Lidl operate a highly energy efficient business with a strong commitment to recycling and the use of energy efficient equipment and techniques within the store to reduce carbon emissions
  • The Lidl store includes sustainable measures including solar panels and Electric Vehicle Charging Points
  • The site is in a location which is accessible on foot, cycle and public transport.
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  • Lidl is proud to run a programme called ‘Feed it Back’, in partnership with Neighbourly. This scheme connects all of their stores with local charities and good causes to facilitate donations of edible food surplus directly to the community
  • Since launching in 2017, over 5m meals have been donated so far.
Privacy Policy
The data you provide is being collected by Lidl GB. By providing your personal data and comments, you agree that we will share this data with the local planning authority as part of the planning process and to verify that comments we receive are genuine. We may send you a follow up letter asking you to further support our proposal and contact you to update you on the progress of the application. You can opt out of further contact at any time by emailing or calling 0800 089 0361.
We have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data to inform the local planning authority that you do or do not support the above mentioned store and to provide you with an update on the progress of our application.
If our application was successful (or we have successfully appealed a rejected planning decision) and a store will be built on the above location, your personal data will be stored for 1 month after the store opening date. If Lidl no longer intends to build a store in this location, any personal data processed during the consultation period will be retained for a maximum of one month following our decision not to appeal the planning decision.
Please complete this survey to have your say on the proposals. We will share your personal data and comments with the local planning authority as part of the planning process.